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Contact the Gulf Breeze News

 Contact Gulf Breeze News

Gulf Breeze News, Inc.
* Gulf Breeze News
* Splash! Magazine

Publisher: Lisa Newell 
P.O. Box 1414
Harbourtown Suite 35
Gulf Breeze, FL 32562
(850) 932-8986
FAX (850) 932-8794

Deadline to submit any item for publication in Gulf Breeze News is Thursday, one week prior to publication. 

Bob Newell
Cell (850) 291-8516

Janna DeMotts
Ext. 116
Cell (850) 572-1116

Melanie Kormondy
Ext. 112
Cell (850) 454-7351

Legal Notices
Ext. 101

Classified Ads
Ext. 115

Editorial Department
Mathew Pellegrino, Editor
ext. 111  

Melanie Kormondy
ext. 112

Sports Editor:
Jason Thompson
ext. 110  

Splash Magazine
Editor: Melanie Kormondy ext. 112  

Graphic Art
Art Director:
Nancy Fish ext. 109

Maite George ext. 107

Administrative email

Lisa Newell
ext. 101    


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