2014-01-23 / News

Man jailed over biscuit pan assault

By Scott Jaffe Gulf Breeze News news@gulfbreezenews.com

Adams Adams A verbal altercation over a beer landed a 71-year-old man in jail after he struck a person in the face with a biscuit pan back on January 16.

According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff arrest report, James Adams, a GB resident, got in a dispute with a subject over who would drink the last beer in the house.

The dispute carried over into the kitchen where Adams struck the other person in the face with what was described as a biscuit pan. The report described both subjects as having “ extremely slurred speech, and were uneasy on their feet.”

Adams was arrested for battery after the officer observed a small cut over the left eye of the alleged victim.

Adams was released from the SRC Jail on Saturday after his bail was met at $500.

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