2017-02-16 / Community

Hwy. 90 will be renamed to honor Sheriff Hall

By Pam Brannon
Gulf Breeze News © 2017

Hall Hall Santa Rosa County’s new sheriff Bob Johnson requested last week that the county commissioners rename a portion of Hwy. 90 in Pace to honor retired Sheriff Wendall Hall. Commissioners voted Thursday to do just that.

“For 16 years while Sheriff Hall was serving we had one of the lowest crime rates in the state -- always in the lowest 10 counties. Now we are fourth from the bottom in statewide crime rate. I believe that was due to his dedication and hard work and his vision. We would like to see a portion of Hwy. 90 in Pace, near Woodbine Rod, designated in honor of Sheriff Hall.”

Commissioner Sam Parker said he agreed., but also would like some other sheriff deputies honored. “I have no problem with this -- I totally agree with everything Sheriff Johnson has said. But I also was thinking this week about some officers who have lost their lives or injured in the line of duty. I would like us to see if there is some way to also honor them.”

It was suggested that perhaps a portion of road leading to the county jail could be designated in honor of those officers.

Commissioners did vote to honor Hall with the renaming of the portion of Hwy. 90 requested.

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