2017-02-16 / News

Murder suspect Lindsay’s bond remains at $3M

By Kristin N. Compton
Gulf Breeze News© 2017

Lindsay Lindsay Christopher Lindsay, 44, while currently being held at the Santa Rosa County Jail awaiting trial for the alleged murder of Lorie Musil, 55, recently requested a reduction in his $3 million bond amount for the charge of second degree murder.

Assistant Public Defender W. Timothy Weekley, filed the Motion to Reduce, Modify or Set Bond on Jan. 6, and a hearing was held on Feb. 8, at which time Weekley withdrew the motion. As a result of the defense’s unexpected change-of-mind, the bond will remain in effect at $3 million.

“Oddly enough, the Public Defender’s office withdrew the motion,” said Assistant State Attorney Clifton Drake, who was still not aware why the request was made to begin with. “The bond remains at $3 million,” Drake confirmed. “It was already at $3 million and that’s where it stays.”

The motion filed by Weekley on behalf of Lindsay, already seemingly untimely as Lindsay was taken into custody over a year ago, simply states, “The Defendant requests a bond reduction,” but gives no other indication as to why it was requested and now, subsequently, withdrawn.

Musil Musil “The defense simply said, ‘Your Honor, we would like to withdraw our motion,’” Drake said. “So that was that.”

While a few outstanding depositions have yet to be scheduled, Drake says he believes they are nearing trial. The next felony docket day routinely scheduled in the case is set for Apr. 25.

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