2017-03-16 / Entertainment

‘Moonlight’ deserves a second review

A few months back, I wrote a very positive review of “Moonlight.” I said it “absolutely deserves all the Academy Award nominations it will soon be getting.” I really did not, however, think it could actually, eventually, win the Best Picture Oscar.

Surprise, surprise.

I also wrote, a couple months back, boldly and recklessly, that “La La Land” was definitely going to win for Best Picture – no bout a doubt it. And I was wrong, wrong, wrong – so wrong. I was not alone in being wrong, of course. Every danged prognosticator I heard believed it was a sure bet – “La La Land” was definitely going to take the top prize. You could set your clock by it, be as assured of it as the sun rising tomorrow and Hillary Clinton being our next president, probably by a landslide.

It’s been an odd few months.

It is important to me though, that in all this sturm and drang, commotion and confusion, that we do not lose sight of just how truly great the movie “Moonlight” is. It is beautifully filmed, achingly acted, and somewhat revolutionary in how its subject – coming of age as a gay black man in the inner city – is now, since it won the Oscar, a key part of our mainstream sensibility, an essential part of the zeitgeist. It is a true amazing blessing that “Moonlight” won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

If you have not seen “Moonlight” yet, I urge you to go out and see it. If you have already seen it, see it a second time. (It is really that good).

“Moonlight” is now playing at Treehouse Cinema in Gulf Breeze.

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