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GB man duct tapes dog’s snout

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Michael Gabriel Bourgeois, 23, of Gulf Breeze, was arrested last Monday on first degree misdemeanor charges of animal cruelty, accused of duct taping his dog’s mouth shut. Bourgeois was taken into custody on March 6 and released on his own recognizance (ROR) to West Florida Community Care Center (WFCCC) on March 7. Should Bourgeois fail to appear for his arraignment scheduled for Tuesday, March 28 at 1 p.m. before Santa Rosa County Judge Jose A. Giraud, a capias (warrant) will be issued for his arrest and the ROR bond will be forfeited to ensure future court appearances.

The incident that occurred on Wednesday, Jan. 25, was called in by Bourgeois’ brother, Ryan, after he heard whimpering and went into Bourgeois’ bedroom to find the pet hiding under the bed with duct tape securing his mouth. “While washing dishes in the kitchen, Ryan saw his brother bring his dog in from outside and put it in his room because it was causing problems with the neighbor’s dog,” Weiers reported Ryan as saying. “A short while later, Ryan saw [Bourgeois grab] duct tape from the kitchen and return to his room. When Ryan heard [the] dog whimpering he went to Bourgeois’ room and [asked] what he was doing with the duct tape.”

Upon discovering the dog with the duct tape on his mouth, Ryan stated he removed the dog from the room and showed the taped mouth to his mother, Steve Ann, prior to calling 911. At that time, Bourgeois was reported to have removed the duct tape from the dog’s mouth.

Bourgeois stated to Officer Blaine Thomas Weiers of the Gulf Breeze Police Department (GBPD), that “he was tired of the noise around him and needed to be left alone.” He relayed to the officers that he called off work that day for the same reason. “He stated he could not take the noise and taped the dog’s mouth shut and then removed it after his brother confronted him,” Weiers reported. “[Bourgeois] stated he did not want [to] deal with anyone.”

Steve Ann stated to Weiers that “the dog normally sleeps in [Bourgeois’] room so it wasn’t uncommon for the dog to be in there.” Steve Ann also told the officers that Bourgeois was previously in counseling but that he hasn’t been taking any medication for a year due to insurance reasons. “Steve Ann has [spoken] to the representatives at Baptist and Lakeview, and they have re-opened [Bourgeois’] case,” Weiers said.

Weiers added that Bourgeois stated “he has talked to a doctor about his feelings and wanted to go back to counseling.”

The Santa Rosa County Clerk of Court docket shows that Bourgeois has had run-ins with the law before. Just last year he completed a pre-trial diversion program for misdemeanor charges of battery domestic violence and resisting an officer without violence. In 2011, misdemeanor charges of alleged drug equipment possession and/or use were pending against Bourgeois. The case was later dropped by way of a nolle prosequi (prosecutor’s unwillingness to pursue) status.

Weiers concluded in his report, “I advised [Bourgeois] and his mother that it would be beneficial to seek some professional help for [Bourgeois] and they stated they would.”

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