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Lindsay still awaiting trial for murder

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Lindsay Lindsay Over a year after the alleged murder of Lorie Musil, 55, defendant Christopher Lindsay, 44, is still awaiting trial from behind bars at the Santa Rosa County Jail. For unknown reasons, Lindsay recently requested a reduction in his $3 million bond for the charge of second degree murder, but Assistant Public Defender W. Timothy Weekley unexpectedly withdrew the motion the day of the hearing resulting in the bond remaining in full effect.

The prosecutor’s office previously provided Gulf Breeze News (GBN) with an update stating that several depositions were still pending in the case. The last deposition was scheduled for Friday, March 10, to be taken at the St. Tammany Parish Public Defender’s Office in Covington, La.

But Assistant State Attorney Clifton Drake says after the next docket day on Tuesday, April 25, they may have a better idea of when this case may come to its anticipated end. “I don’t know if it’s going to be continued past then or not,” Drake said. “Trial hasn’t been scheduled yet… I don’t know if anything will happen that day.”

Drake added, “After the 25th, we may have a little better idea… otherwise, there’s no real update at this time… But we’re getting closer.”

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