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Commissioners want input on using sales tax revenues

By Pam Brannon
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County commissioners decided to hold three public community meetings to ask for input from residents about how to use the sales tax revenues voters approved last year. The five commissioners will attend each meeting. One meeting will be held at the Tiger Point Community Center Tuesday, April 11 from 5-8 p.m., with people from the entire south end invited to attend and give input.

One meeting will be in Chumuckla, and a third in Milton at the Santa Rosa County Administrative Center Board room, where county commission meetings are usually held. That meeting will be Tuesday, April 18.

Commissioners have been discussing whether to divide sales tax monies evenly between districts, or to use some on large projects that would benefit all five districts, or to go for road repairs in each district.

They are hoping to get a clearer picture from residents about what they want done in their individual districts. The campaign during last year’s election included a promise for some funds to go to fire departments, also.

Commissioners also discussed the National

Assn. of Counties Organization (NACO) meeting attended by Commissioner Bob Cole and Commission Chair Rob Williamson. Williamson said he attended a technology summit while there.

“It’s amazing some of the more productive ways counties are using technology,” he said. But he mostly spoke of the money some counties are getting for beach re-nourishment. “The Federal Water Resources Development Act of 2016 passed by Congress is being used by 20 counties in Florida. They are taking advantage of millions of dollars from this Act, but none of the Panhandle counties are taking advantage of it. This could really help our beach re-nourishment costs.

So I want us to participate two years from now when the next round of funding comes around.”

South End Commission input meeting

Tuesday, April 11 from 5-8 p.m. Tiger Point Community Center

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