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Council finalizes Eddy’s contract as consultant to interim manager

By Glenda Caudle
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Members of Boy Scout Troop 11 were on hand to witness local government in action, and they followed the invocation at Monday night, April 18’s, session by leading those present in the Pledge of Allegiance.

As the meeting got under way, Council members approved, unanimously, housekeeping items related to minutes of previous sessions, the clarification of resolution No. 30-16, dated Oct. 17, 2016, and the consent agenda.

That agenda, discussed at the Wednesday, April 12, meeting included the following items:

• Accepting the bid of $229,531.50 from J. Miller Construction Inc. for the Gulf Breeze Drainage and Paving 2017;

• Authorizing city staff to proceed with an advertisement to bid the rehabilitation of 10 gazebos, a bathhouse and tollhouse at Shoreline Park South and to approve the related Dewberry Engineering Task Order for $8,200. Council member Renee Bookout suggested looking at other potential projects that need to be done in the area before the busy season begins and Eddy said a part-time employee who cleans up trash might need to work more frequently. Dannheisser requested the use of less corrosive materials in the project, as well.

• Approving a service agreement with iCompass Technologies

Inc., pending approval by the city attorney, for a cloud-based Meeting Management Solution at an annual subscription pricing of $3,500 and the addition of the Public Records Request Tracking module at an annual subscription pricing of $400. City clerks Leslie Guyer and Stephanie Lucas were credited with putting the project together, utilizing money previously budgeted. The Council was told the new program will greatly improve the process for citizens who wish to go back in city records, locate an item of interest, and track it. Lucas said the new system will make for more transparency and Dashboard will also be easier to navigate. The system will also allow for additions in the future.

• Approving the signing of signatory rights to the city manager, the chief of police and the city clerks in the wake of necessary changes related to personnel movement from current positions;

• Accepting an agreement for the easement at the corner of Gulf Breeze Parkway and Northcliff Drive for use of the pedestrian crossing signal at the intersection. The narrow right of way at the intersection has resulted in the pedestrian signal’s being struck by large trucks. Owners of the shopping center agreed to an easement to allow for the placing of the signal farther from the roadway.

* Authorizing the city staff to seek proposals for a bank qualified bank term loan in an amount not to exceed $1 million to finance the city’s elevated water storage tank. Nearly $400,000 of the $1,300,000 amount needed to design, construct and install the tank will be funded by a federal grant. The tank is under construction near the zoo.

• Approving payment to Messer Caparello, P.A. of $2,416.51 for services related to filing an appeal in the Catawba Street Right-of-Way litigation.

• Adopting Resolution No. 10-17 to clarify the compounding period for interest calculation as monthly with relation to a refinancing plan for $2.65 million in South Santa Rosa Revenue bonds with U.S. Bancorp Government. The Council had previously dealt with this matter in Resolution 30-16 and the recommendation was to adopt the clarification.

They also acted in unison to accept the slightly revised special advisor employment agreement with retiring City Manager Edwin Eddy, who will be serving as a consultant to the interim manager after his May 1 retirement, and the interim city manager agreement with Samantha Abell.

Eddy explained the awarding of the Gulf Breeze Will Do grant received recently and expressed appreciation for the good work of the Gulf Breeze Will Do organization. He congratulated Deputy Fire Chief Scott Kasper for putting together the grant proposal and shepherding it through the application process and said the award will enable the fire department to outfit another vehicle with a preemptive device that will make it possible for fire fighters to get through traffic signals more quickly in an emergency situation and to potentially save lives.

The Council accepted the grant unanimously.

Following action on agenda items, Dannheisser invited citizens with an interest in local concerns to address the group. In comments made prior to the meeting, the mayor addressed some other items which have been mentioned in recent sessions of the Council.

He reiterated his support for an effort to begin to place power lines underground in the city and said doing so along Highway 98 would be particularly helpful in making the areas aesthetically attractive to tourists and businesses.

On the question of medical marijuana sales within the city, he said the Council had supported a moratorium on any decisions and he looked at that time frame as an opportunity for members of the Council to educate themselves on the issue.

“We have been in a wait-and-see mode,” he said and suggested some of the possibilities to be looked at were laws similar to those that govern the sale of alcoholic beverages. He stressed that he was not advocating identical legislation, at this point, but was simply saying a review of those laws might be instructive in reaching decisions about the medical marijuana issue.

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