2017-04-20 / News


April 20

1 Year ago this week – 2016

County revives push for 1-cent sales tax “The most expensive thing you can do is nothing.” That was the warning given to Santa Rosa County taxpayers last week by County Commissioner Don Salter at the special meeting to discuss a proposed 10-year one cent Local Option Sales Tax.

5 Years ago this week - 2012

Six times a day before and after school arrival and release times, the speed limit in the Gulf Breeze school zone drops from 35 miles per hour to 20 mph. Officer Tai Nguyen of the Gulf Breeze Police Department thinks two additional, supplemental flashing yellow lights in a single median location are needed to appropriately remind motorists they are in a school zone.

10 Years ago this week - 2007

Andrews Institute Opens! . The institute, which is named for world renowned orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews, is a one-of-a-kind, world class facility that could attract Olympians, professional athletes and patients from as far away as the Middle East to receive surgery, rehabilitation, performance training and to provide on-site training to medical professionals.

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