2017-04-20 / School

Students use computers to create self portraits

The GBHS Digital Design I students in Mrs. Heather Renfroe’s classes completed their own Andy Warhol-inspired Pop Art projects. The students learned about color theory and applied their knowledge and planning skills to a mock-up poster of Campbell’s soup cans to experiment with colors to use on their own self-portraits.

Mrs. Renfroe said, “This project-based learning assignment is important for students, mainly because they can use the entire set of learning goals from the whole school year. The students incorporate project management and planning, then they must take a “selfie,” upload the image to the workstation, import it into Photoshop and use many of the tools and techniques learned over the course of the year to create a high resolution four-square image, complete with desaturation, saving and loading selections, posterizing and re-coloring.

Once the Photoshop portion of the project was completed, students then printed their 24” x 24” images on canvas, built their frames from stretcher bars and attached the canvas prints to the frame.

Upon checking off the project, students had to sign and date their projects. Each student went home with their final project, ready to hang in a home or office gallery.

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