Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc

Advertiser: Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc
LOUD FREE from the State of Florida Hello. This is John. CLEAR, FREE! Clarity Caption Phone Easy to Qualify: Attached captioning tablet provides free, Florida Resident landline-based Over the age of 3 caption calling, and Have a Hearing Loss amplification! or Speech Disorder Amplifies up to 50 decibels NO internet Multiple volume & tone settings connection Slow down incoming speech option needed! Built-in answering machine Apply by Phone: See more options at: Apply Online: 800-222-3448 ftri.org/products FTRI.ORG/FREE PHONE Florida 800-222-3448 Telecommunications www.ftri.org FTRI www.ftri.org Relay, Inc. CCP24
Phone: (850) 220-0046
Website: http://www.ftri.org

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