Thursday, June 17, 2021

Hall serves as messenger at Florida House of Representatives


Sage Hall, a junior at Gulf Breeze High School and the daughter of Warren and Mary Beth Hall, submitted an application and was selected by Rep. Alex Andrade to represent his local district in the Florida House of Representatives as a Messenger for the week of April 12-17.

Messengers are high school students who come to the state Capitol for a week out of the annual 60-day regular session. Pages are selected students who are younger than high school age. The Page and Messenger tradition in Florida dates back to 1865.

These students assist the representatives and their staffs during the Capitol’s busiest time of the year and have the opportunity to watch state government in action. Each of the 120 representatives sponsors one Messenger and one Page.

While performing duties at the Capitol in Tallahassee, the honored students get to observe lawmakers, lobbyists, staff and constituents working together in the legislative process. They are able to attend committee meetings, House sessions in the Chamber and some press conferences with notable people or celebrities.

“My favorite experience while serving in the House of Representatives was observing the House sessions. We sat in the balcony overlooking the proceedings and watched the interactions between the representatives. It was interesting to see our elected officials in action,” Sage said after her experience.