Latest Pixar cartoon not just another uplifting slice of genius

“Genius” is, perhaps, the most misused and overused word in the world of ­entertainment. And, as a critic who is at least as much of a fanboy as he is any sort of legitimate pundit, I am hardly ­innocent of tossing this “g-word” around a little too generously. I love movies, stories, TV shows and music. They are a source […]

CBS’ ‘The Equalizer’ is a remake of a 1980s’ crime drama

Q: Is the new “Equalizer” starring Queen Latifah a new version of the old TV show by the same name? — C.B. A: Yes, the original action crime drama “The Equalizer” from the 1980s is returning with a modern-day spin. Sadly, it won’t star Edward Woodward, who passed away in 2009, but the new cast is a strong one with […]

‘News of the World’

Tom Hanks’ traditional Western very good, if a little slow

Falling asleep while ­watching a movie is a curious thing. If you are lucky/blessed enough to have a loving partner who will gently (or possibly not so gently) nudge or pinch your shoulder if that person notices you ­nodding off, you might be able to “put it together” and figure out what is going on with the story. Often though […]

Bridges taking treatment for lymphoma, still working

Q: I heard that actor Jeff Bridges was diagnosed with cancer. How is he doing? Is he done acting or will he continue while he fights the disease? — H.B. A: Jeff Bridges and his ­longtime wife, Susan, posted a very cute photo of ­themselves with their dog on Twitter, ­wishing everyone a Happy New Year. He had recently shaved […]

‘Wonder Woman 1984 ’

Superhero sequel lots of fun, if not quite the savior we hoped for

It’s a bit of a bummer to see any once-flourishng business, much less an entire industry, die a slow protracted death, especially when you are stuck in the middle of it, trying desperately to navigate your way out. But, this is sadly where we are at in January 2021. Who could possibly save us from this terrible fate, this wretched […]

Chicago shows on hiatus due to the coronavirus

Q: What happened to the “Chicago” shows on ­Wednesday nights? We finally got new episodes after all these months, and now they’re gone again. — C.K. A: Many prime time series, including the “Chicago” ones, go on hiatus for the winter and return in early to mid-­January. Since the start of the fall ­season was delayed this year, fans were […]

‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

Bizarre, Irish romance might not be for everyone

I love the idea of being Irish. I grew up believing that this ­defined who I was, ­almost as much as being from New ­Jersey. Leprechauns were sweet and ­endearing in all their ­mischievousness. Shamrocks and St. Patrick’s Day and all things dark green resonated with me in a way that felt perfectly ­natural. I could ­embrace pretty much all […]

Pensacola Mardi Gras postponed till May ‘21

Pensacola Mardi Gras Inc. is postponing the 2021 Season Kick-Off Celebration and Blessing of the Krewe Fleets event previously scheduled on January 8, 2021. This year, the event will be moved to the month of May and will kickoff an even larger Pensacola “Carnivale Celebration.” “We want to have the best Mardi Gras experience for our wonderful Krewes of Pensacola, […]

Perry, Richie, Bryan to return for next season of ‘American Idol’

Q: Do you think the original judges from “American Idol” will ever return to that show? I know Simon Cowell is with “America’s Got Talent,” but I miss the old days of “AI.” There’s too many of these shows on the air now anyway. — O.S. A: It’s hard to believe it’s been almost two decades since we met Simon […]

‘The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2’

Traditional family holiday film truly very merry

Now this is more like it. When I think of “Christmas movies,” this is what I, and most people, I suspect, are wanting. “The Christmas Chronicles: Part 2” is a new Christmas ­movie, financed, distributed and currently streaming exclusively by that whole, humongously dominant Netflix thing. I expected it would be a ­traditional, warm and fuzzy ­family story that would […]

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