The battle of losing weight continues

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am looking for advice on diet pills. I have tried everything. I eat well, go to the gym and walk, but my meniscus ­problem ­limits my walking speed. Since ­menopause, I have gained 30 pounds. I am sure there is something out there that will kick-start my metabolism. I am so depressed, and my doctor has […]

Lab finds tiny amount of blood in her urine

DEAR DR. ROACH: My question is about ­microscopic hematuria. I see a ­rheumatologist for ­sarcoidosis. Last year I had various lab tests, including a urinalysis. That test and several since then have shown microscopic hematuria. The rheumatologist sent me to a urologist, who did scans and a scope of the ­bladder up through the right kidney. There’s a slight stricture […]

Chest CT can’t replace screening mammogram

DEAR DR. ­DONOHUE: I am due to have a ­mammogram in July, but around the same time I am supposed to have a chest CT as a follow-up to my chondrosarcoma cancer. I have a CT every other year and an X-ray on the opposite years of both my affected arm and my lungs. Does a chest CT have the […]

Gluten-free is no gimmick

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have no health issues, but I’m a cheapskate. I see ­products labeled as ­“ grain-free” or as “gluten-free,” but they always cost more than the regular product. Are there any health benefits to using these, or are they ­marketing gimmicks? — L.C. ANSWER: They are not marketing gimmicks at all. People with celiac disease have a […]

Diabetes not limited to only two main types

DEAR DR. ROACH: Last year, at 57, I was ­diagnosed with Type 1 LADA diabetes. Initially I was put on insulin to get my blood sugar within the ­normal range. Then I was just on ­metformin until the ­“ honeymoon period” was over. My endocrinologist is great. I now am back on ­insulin (six units at night). I walk anywhere […]

Cologuard test worth risk of false positive

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 77-year-old man in good health. At my recent ­annual physical exam, my ­physician ordered a ­Cologuard kit to be sent to me to screen for colorectal disease. I have never had ­symptoms of disease or problems with any part of my ­gastrointestinal tract. I had two ­colonoscopies at different times several years ago, the […]

Diet is powerful tool to boosting heart health

DEAR DR. ROACH: I have a strong history of ­premature heart disease in my family, and I have been having some ­unpleasant side effects of blood pressure medicine. I ­decided to try a completely plant-based diet: grains, vegetables, ­legumes, fruit, seeds and nuts. After about a month on the new diet, my total ­cholesterol dropped 44 points to 159, and […]

Insomnia is one of many predisone side effects

DEAR DR. ROACH: I was prescribed prednisone 5 mg twice daily, but I had insomnia, itching and hot flashes from it. I stopped after four days but am still suffering from ­sleeplessness. Has the prednisone had a ­permanent effect on my body? — J.W.S.L. ANSWER: ­Prednisone, a powerful anti-­inflammatory and immune system- ­inhibiting steroid, has many side ­effects on the […]

Do homework first when it comes to clinical trials

DEAR DR. ROACH: My wife has had dementia for over two years. There is an ad in our local paper for an Alzheimer’s disease study. It says, “This study will ­assess how safe and ­effective an ­investigational drug is at slowing the ­progression of early (prodromal) or mild Alzheimer’s disease.” Is this protocol legit? I don’t trust this type of […]

Vitamin D deficit after gastric bypass

DEAR DR. ROACH: I am a 72-year-old woman in fair health. I had strong bones until I had gastric ­bypass ­surgery. Within two years, I developed ­osteoporosis. In 2016, my parathyroid ­hormone level was found to be elevated. However, it has come down over the past year or two from 97.76 to 68.95 pg/mL. The endocrinologist now has me on […]

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