An un’bear’able situation in our area

When you think of the wildlife on the golden gulf coast, you think of the dolphins arcing gracefully through the crystal waters. Or you think of silly seabirds running madly down the beach, beaks in the sand. Maybe you think of the occasional armadillo, or majestic osprey, or lost alligators. But for residents of Gulf Breeze, more and more, you […]

Political Cartoon

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America’s status as innovator is under threat and patents should be protected

America’s research and development institutions have long been the envy of our competitors, flourishing at the top of global rankings. But our state-of-the-art innovation capabilities — responsible for ­bringing COVID-19 vaccines and countless ­other breakthroughs to market — haven’t flourished here by happenstance. They have been nurtured over decades of smart policies, and those policies are now at risk. Current […]

The smear campaign against Joe Manchin

Joe Manchin is being pilloried for the ­offense of being consistent on the filibuster. Back in 2017, when Senate Democrats were desperate to stop Donald Trump’s agenda, 33 of them, including Manchin, signed a bipartisan letter backing the ­filibuster in ringing terms. “We are mindful of the unique role the Senate plays in the legislative ­process,” they wrote, “and we […]

Political Cartoon

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The Tim Tebow Controversy – it’s about culture, stupid

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Urban Meyer’s decision to sign Tim Tebow to the roster of the NFL Jacksonville Jaguars. The all-knowing Charles Barkley pontificated that Tebow failed as a quarterback in the NFL and as a Minor League Baseball player—so Sir Charles encourages Tebow to not embarrass himself and just hang it up. A cadre of ESPN […]

United Pensisula Association’s call to action

Letters to the Editor

If unbridled development has had an impact on you or someone you know and you have concerns about: *flooding caused by clear cutting or too much fill; *the quality of our drinking water and our waterways; *traffic, failing roadways, non-connectivity between developments; *safety of children maneuvering the streets without sidewalks; and *the survival of wildlife in our area, then the […]

Be sure to follow the principal’s principle

Graduation was scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Pensacola Civic Center and there we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the three mile bridge. I was stressing, as were so many ­others wondering if we would make it on time. I looked at the clock and it read 10:38. Ugh. That’s when I looked over at the right […]

Gulf Breeze showed its mettle in dealing with bridge crisis

The bridge is open!!! Thank you Gulf Breeze!!! Once again, you showed your determination, persistence and love for our city. During the time we were all experiencing the lifestyle changer, COVID, an uninvited guest, Hurricane Sally,, arrived and we suddenly had a 30-plus mile Pensacola commute that affected everyone! To those of you who had to make that drive every […]

Watch for furry family members

Attention all drivers, The Hickory Shores Blvd area is devastated over a hit and run accident. A neighbor’s yellow Labrador ­Retriever named Denver was running out to greet the school bus. The ­driver of the bus did not see him, ran over him, and did not stop until a walker ­nearby stopped him. Denver was rushed to the nearest veterinarian, […]

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